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Premium Greaseproof Paper Sheets - Bleached 35GSM | 400x330cm | Carton of 800

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reaseproof Paper Sheets Bleached 35GSM 400x330cm - Premium Quality

Key Features:

  • Carton Quantity: 800 sheets
  • Sheet Thickness: 35GSM
  • Size: 400x330cm
  • Purpose: Best designed for sandwiches, hamburgers, or fish and chips
  • Oil Protection: Offers effective protection against oil penetration
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use, fold, and apply
  • Sturdiness: Very sturdy and robust sheet
  • Packaging: Packed in distinctive Orange/White wrap packs

These greaseproof paper sheets are crafted with premium quality to enhance your food packaging experience. Ideal for various food items, they provide excellent protection against oil, ensuring a clean and enjoyable dining experience. The convenient size, ease of use, and sturdiness make them a reliable choice for your culinary needs. Packed in distinctive Orange/White wrap packs, these sheets are a practical and aesthetic addition to your kitchen or business.

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