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Spout Lid-12/16oz /White 1000PC/CTN


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Spout Lid-12/16oz /White 1000PC/CTN


Introducing our Spout Lid for 12/16oz  Cups in White, a versatile and convenient solution for beverage enjoyment on the go. Designed specifically to fit 12 and 16-ounce  cups, this spout lid provides a secure and leak-resistant seal, allowing you to sip your favorite drinks with ease and confidence. With a pack containing 1000 lids, you'll have an ample supply for your business or personal use.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Fit: Our Spout Lid is precisely engineered to fit 12 and 16-ounce PS cups, ensuring a snug and reliable fit. It eliminates the need for separate straws and offers a convenient spout for sipping beverages directly from the cup.

  2. Leak-Resistant Design: The lid features a specially designed spout with a tight seal, preventing spills and leaks. Enjoy your drinks on the go without worrying about messy accidents or drips.

  3. User-Friendly: The spout lid is easy to use, making it suitable for both adults and children. Simply snap it onto the cup, and the lid securely locks in place. The spout allows for controlled and comfortable sipping, making it ideal for hot and cold beverages.

  4. High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable PS material, our spout lid is built to withstand the demands of daily use. It is resistant to cracking and provides excellent heat resistance, ensuring it remains intact even with hot beverages.

  5. Bulk Packaging: Each carton contains 1000 spout lids, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses or individuals who require a large quantity of lids. It saves you time and effort on frequent reordering, ensuring you have an ample supply at your disposal.

  6. Versatile and Practical: Our spout lid is suitable for a variety of settings, including cafes, coffee shops, food trucks, and more. It is an excellent choice for serving beverages such as coffee, tea, iced drinks, smoothies, and other refreshing concoctions.

Upgrade your beverage service with our Spout Lid for 12/16oz coffee Cups in White. Enjoy the convenience, reliability, and mess-free sipping experience it offers. Whether you're running a business or simply enjoying your favorite drinks at home, these lids are the perfect companion for your coffee cups.


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