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The 7 reasons why plastic storage containers can save the earth

November 02, 2022 0 Comments

The 7 reasons why plastic storage containers can save the earth

You’ve heard the cliché many times already. It’s trending in the news and on social media. Plastic is harmful to the environment. Reduce your use of plastic to save the earth. This is a valid concern, no doubt. News about mammals and fish dying because of accidentally mistaking plastic bags as jellyfish are heart-wrenching. Images of freshwater sources contaminated by plastic rubbish are disturbing.

In urban areas, it's easy to spot overloaded trash bins and improperly disposed trash. The price of human activity for the past three centuries is undeniable.

But does it mean we need to stop using plastic containers for our home and business storage needs?

Unlike what many think, plastic containers actually save the earth.

Reason #1: They help you improve your indoor air quality

Cluttered spaces pollute the air. When kitchen utensils, plastic bins, plastic cables, water bottles, plates, soda cans, pet supplies, raw ingredients, toys, and other small items bought from the store do not have the right storage, your home is in bad shape. Your household items cannot get mixed up inside your home or else your air quality suffers.

Wrong storage solutions lead to clutter

Clutter adds to global pollution. Every year, around 4,800 Australians die from lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses caused by poor air quality. While not all of these illnesses are caused by clutted spaces in the home, cluttered areas are filled with dust, mites, molds, and chemicals.

The best solution to clutter

The solution to clutter is managing your space well. Wood and metal storage cases are useful for organizing your things. Storage bins made from these materials can help organize your space. But nothing beats high-quality plastic solutions. Storage bins, boxes, and holders are available different forms and sizes.

Most of these are modular, easy for stacking over each other on a shelf or cabinet. With less clutter , your air quality improves. Less pollution, better environment.

Reason #2: They help you reduce product waste

Unecessary organic waste is the last thing your home and business need. Every year, waste produced in Australia tallies up to 67 million tonnes. Ten percent of these are raw materials that easily decompose when not stored properly.

The main culprits in organic waste

Dust, moist, sunlight, and air are among the main culprits in organic waste. Leave any food on your table for 24 hours and you’ll see countless dust particles clinging on it. Expose it to moist, sunlight, and air for a day or two, you’ll notice tiny gardens of molds and fungi forming.

Without the right storage solutions, you will end up throwing lots of organic waste into your rubbish bins. Stop the trend of putting more organic waste on your storage bins through plastic storage solutions.

Store raw materials in premium plastic containers

You can avoid contributing more to the alarming trend of waste production by putting organic materials inside plastic storage holders. When handled properly, premium plastic is the best storage material to keep dust, moist, sunlight, and air from harming your raw items and organic products. Less organic waste, better environment.

Reason #3: They are long-lasting storage solutions

Storage problems should have long-term solutions. Any of the storage options you choose from should at least help you manage space or solve your storage problems for more than a year. Right now, there are many kinds of storage containers available to choose from. The question is which can give you the right value for their price.

Wood, cardboard, and metal materials

Wood, cardboard, and metal storage solutions are good for the short-term. In general, wood is popular for storage boxes or storage bins. Cardboard boxes are also popular holders for lightweight items. There are storage bins made from thick cardboard.

Metal also makes sturdy storage bins and storage boxes. But when it comes to storage concerns in the home, are these materials dependable?

The price of durability

Think of the long-term durability of wood, cardboard, and metal. Wood and cardboard boxes are usually priced lower than premium plastic. But they are vulnerable to external elements. Storage bins made of these materials are easily damaged by moist and liquid. Molds and fungi love growing on wooden bins that are often wet with water. If you've use wooden storage boxes and bins already, you know you can't put them in moist areas.

The same applies to cardboard storage boxes. A cardboard bin is as good as rubbish once it gets wet. It is useful for a time, like when you need to organize your shopping items on your trunk. But you can use them for everyday use at home.

Metal corrodes when exposed to moist as well. Storage bins made from untreated metal are not good for use inside the home because they are susceptible to rust.

Premium plastic for the win

You won’t have these problems when you use storage containers made from premium plastic. Plastic containers for storage sold at Packware, for example, are made from lightweight but high density plastic materials. They can handle hot and cold food. They can shield your organic products from dust, air, moist, and UV rays.

Because these plastic storage items are durable, they don’t wear off easily. You may need to pay more for its price. But long-term use of the plastic storage solutions means less waste. More durable plastic storage, better environment.

Reason #4: They reduce your need for clean water

Storage boxes, bins, and small holders require regular cleaning because they are directly exposed to the environment. But doing this often can harm the earth. More than 80% of water used in homes become wastewater and we don’t have enough recycling plants to make it useable again.

Plastic requires less cleaning

Fortunately, you don’t need to clean storage boxes or storage bins made from plastic regularly. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning rust and molds often because they don’t thrive on plastic. Even the rubber plastic rubbish bins sold on Packware have features that make it easy to clean dirt away. In case of sticky oil and grease, you need a good detergent and a basin of clean water for rinsing. But if it’s just dust and dirt, you might only need a clean damp cloth. Less use of water for cleaning, better environment.

Reason #5: They present minimal risks to health and safety

The best storage solutions are people-friendly. Your family, friends, staff, or customers need to know your home and business are safe for their welfare. Because people are part of the environment, you want storage bins and holders that don’t pose risks to anyone’s health and safety.

Premium plastic carry less hazards

Metal containers and storage bins are hard and heavy. They are difficult to move around and cannot be placed on high locations to avoid the risk of them falling on someone. Wooden containers are not safe for the health either. Most wooden bins and boxes in the market have chemicals like paint, resin, and varnish that can affect your health. These hazards are not present in bins and containers made from premium plastic.

Those sold at Packware are lightweight and easy to handle. They are designed for home or business storage and do not contain toxic chemicals that can ruin organic materials or harm the body. Less health and safety hazards, better environment.

Reason #6: They are reusable

One of the best ways to protect the environment is reusing plastic bins, containers, and storage boxes. Unfortunately, you can’t do this with containers designed for one-time-use such as single-use plastics (SUPs) and cardboard boxes. Today, around 91 percent of packaging waste covers our landfills and pose direct threats to the environment.

Premium plastic is reusable

The solution to this problem is to use reusable containers. After using premium plastic containers, for example, you can stack them in your kitchen cabinet or garage for future use. You can store your unused trash bins in your garage or give it to another household for them to use. Because they’re made of premium plastic, you can use and reuse them multiple times for your storage needs. More reusable plastic, better environment.

Reason #7: They are recyclable

The best storage containers in the market are recyclable. When premium plastic containers are no longer usable, dispose them in a bin designated for recyclable materials. They will be sent to recycling centers for washing and shredding. Afterwards, the plastic material will be melted and remade into pellets. These plastic pellets will be sent to manufacturers for making new plastic materials.

Recycled plastic is used for lots of new products.

Here’s a list of what you can find in your local store:

  • Trash bags and storage bins
  • Drainage pipes and plastic gutters
  • Flower pots and seed trays
  • Dog collars
  • Yoga mats and rugs
  • Net stockings
  • Shopping bags
  • Sports wear and swimwear
  • Toys like jenga blocks and chess boards
  • Furniture
  • Party spoons and cups
  • Surfboard fins
  • Backpacks
  • Watch straps
  • Traffic cones 

There can be hundreds or thousands of materials out there made from recycled plastic. The point is that recyclable plastic containers are your best storage options. Buy storage bins and containers made from recyclable plastic. More recyclable plastic, better environment.


Plastic can save the earth! The next time you go to your local store for shopping, go for storage solutions made from premium plastic. It is not the perfect solution to the earht's problems, but yields less environmental damage. Premium plastic has benefits no other material can provide. Plastic storage solutions are the best solution for managing your space at home or in your office.

In your experience, what’s the main advantage of plastic containers over other materials?