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Rectangular Plastic Containers

Keep the flavorful taste and freshness of your food by using durable rectangular plastic food containers.

  • Great Selection- You can choose from our vast collection of rectangle takeaway containers ranging in sizes, colors, and designs. 
  • Reusable- You can reuse these rectangular food saver containers for future use to avoid tons of food waste.
  • Multi-purpose- Our takeaway boxes can enhance the overall look of your food, from storing and carrying up to reheating. It can elevate your eating experience instantly!

Whether home-cooked meals, fresh produce, cold cuts, or baked goods, food storage containers are essential in every home and business. From organizing your favorite snacks to preserving some leftovers, always choose convenience for your kitchen tasks using these nifty food containers. The transparent insulated food containers design helps you quickly look at the items from the outside without opening them.

These takeaway containers are ideal if you need a lightweight storage option as they don't require ample storage space when you stack them. They are becoming the best alternatives in the food industry, especially for bulk take-out and delivery orders. We make our rectangular containers from the highest quality plastic materials; thus, they don't quickly get spoiled and can hold hot and cold foods.

Our takeaway containers feature a secure and tight lid that prevents any spills while on travel and preserves the flavorful taste of the food.

Having a good presentation is an integral key to having a thriving business in the food industry. Our takeaway containers can help your customers keep coming back to you! These food containers are great for storing almost anything and can hold from 500ml to 1500ml.

At Packware, you don't need to look further for bulk food storage containers Australia. We provide all kinds of rectangular plastic you need, whether for your home or business use!