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180mm Round Lid (suit 900mL / 1050mL Noodle Container)

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180mm Round Lid (suit 900mL / 1050mL Noodle Container)

No surprise leaks in your fridge because our Round Honeycomb Bowls - Noodle Container food containers lids are perfect to seal your takeaway containers.

  • Spill-Free Meal- Our lids are available to fit from 900ml to 1050ml food storage round containers. Ideal for storing any leftover foods, pasta, rice, cold cuts, food portion control, and more.
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe- Nobody wants food with a piece of plastic on it; our kids are freezable and microwavable perfect for securing takeaway containers that need reheating. 
  • Security Matters- Using these rectangular takeaway containers' lids can give you peace of mind knowing that your food remains clean and fresh against flies, cockroaches, hair strands, dust, etc.
  • 100% Australia made product,  and family owed business

Your customers will quickly see the enticing presentation and enjoy their takeaway foods because of the natural color of our lids. On top of that, our disposable containers and lids are easy to clean so that you can reuse them again; put them in a dish rack and let them dry. 

We ensure our disposable food containers have a high tolerance for twisting and bending and do not easily break. Our leak-proof and airtight lids securely cover the items keeping your food intact even while transporting, giving you confidence in every use.

Product Code - 1050L
Carton Qty. -400

Dimensions- 180mm x W 7.5mm

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