Sauce Plastic Containers With Hinged Lid Natural 50ml GENFAC

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Whether it be a wedding, birthday, housewarming, graduation, or whatever calls for a celebration, the party is not complete without condiments, dips, or sauces. Thankfully, Packware makes it easy to elevate every party using our food storage containers.

  • Bulk Orders To Save More- Each carton comes with 1000 pcs of sauce or food containers. Having these in bulk will give you peace of mind knowing that you'll never run out of sauce containers whenever you need one to pack small portions of desserts, leftover foods, storing sauces, and everyday use.
  • Improves Workflow- These small takeaway containers can help you improve and increase your overall work performance in the kitchen. The built-in hinged lid will save you time from looking for a matching lid, as you can snap and lock the cover to prevent spillages. Our food saver containers can hold up to 50ml contents, perfect for fast-paced kitchen and commercial food establishments serving takeouts and deliveries order.
  • Reusable, Disposable, and Washable- Spend more time entertaining your guests as our disposable containers are not just stylish but also disposable. You'll spend less time cleaning up the mess after the party to have more time to do other chores or rest. But, if you want to maximize these nifty plastic food containers, you can wash them, stack and nest them for future use.

Our plastic storage containers are ideal for almost everything, even non-food items like medicines and baby food portioning. These are also great for kid snacks, tasting/sampling cups, DIY projects, storing of arts and crafts materials, accessories, etc. Now it's your turn to host the party, knowing that you have bulk food storage containers Australia at Packware that can supply durable and top-quality plastic containers so you can confidently serve any dish.

Product Code- 50RS
Carton Qty.- 1000

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