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PET Plastic Food Containers With Flat Lid Clear 8oz StayFresh


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Product Code - 8SBSF

Carton Qty. - 200

Item Dimensions: 140x125x36 

Showcase your mouth-watering masterpieces using our clear plastic storage containers. Having a clear feature provides clear and crisp product visibility to let others have a glimpse of your delicious treats.

  • Durable Construction- These clear PET plastic containers are great for holding baked goods, salads, leftover foods, etc. We craft these food storage containers from the highest quality plastic material to ensure they will not easily break or deform and the food will not spill everywhere. They are safe to store any food because the materials in constructing the container are quality-assured and are non-toxic and odorless. You can seal the food saver containers tightly when you hear a clicking sound which indicates the container is airtight. 
  • Promoting Business Is Easy- Now that food photography is a trend, you can easily highlight your homemade dishes because of the transparent color; the customer can easily see the content inside. Our plastic take away containers are commonly popular and widely used by bakeshops, cafes, fast foods, and restaurants. You can easily add stickers of your business brand, company logo, labels, etc., on top of the lid for easy marketing.
  • Party Essentials- Give yourself a break from dishwashing or cleaning the mess after the party, as you can store your food in our disposable containers. These 8oz clear plastic food containers are ideal for preserving meals for single use. You can also keep your signature dishes and desserts and give them to your guests as a souvenir at your party. These are also great for storing leftover foods and beneficial for any occasion where portioning is essential, like catering.

Now it’s your time to step into the stiff food business competition as Packware is your trusted partner for bulk food storage containers Australia.

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