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Show Bowl Plastic Containers With Dome Lid Clear 8oz/236ml


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Product Code: SB8D

Carton Qty: 250

Set your guest's mood for a great party by adding these elegant plastic storage containers to your dinner table.

  • Bulk Order For Large Crowd- The package comes with 250 pieces of nifty food storage containers with dome lids. These show bowl containers are great for serving jello shots, ice cream, and other homemade frozen creations in portions. These plastic containers are ideal for dessert cups for kids at the party as they can hold up to 8oz or 236ml, good for one serving.
  • Food-Grade Containers- We fabricate these food containers with a clear dome lid from the highest quality, food-grade plastic materials. These disposable, washable, reusable, and odor-free 8oz containers are durable and not brittle, making them safe for cold dessert, sauce containers, and samplers in your food business.
  • Consistent Serving- Whether you are serving condiments or desserts, you can rest your worry knowing that these takeaway containers can assure even serving to anyone. These are also ideal for storing baby's food as they are food-safe for anyone.

Marketing your food business or dessert shop has never been easier using our take away containers. The clear and transparent color is inviting enough to taste the food inside. The lid can also make your home-baked treat clean and fresh all day long against exposure from open-air, bugs, and dirt in the air.

You can pack your favorite snacks, desserts, and dressings ahead of time and store them in the fridge, as these tiny plastic take away containers won't take up space in your fridge. You can stack and store these bulk items once not in use to provide you with more valuable space in your home. These are disposable containers, so you can toss them if you don't feel like reusing them.

Type: Show Bowls

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