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Round Honeycomb Bowls Noodle Container White 750ml GENFAC

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Round Honeycomb Bowls Noodle Container White 750ml 

Using these round Honeycomb bowls will save you lots of time and money instead of frequent eating out. These 750ml Honeycomb bowls help anyone to achieve control weight and nutritional goals. 

  • Microwave and Freezer Safe- We build our plastic using the highest quality plastic material to withstand heat from microwave, freezer, and even dishwasher safe.
  • Multi-purpose Containers- You can pack your meal ahead of time, whether for diet portion control, lunch for kids, healthy nutritious meals, or to-go munching; these round Honeycomb bowls are nifty to store in all kinds of food. The leak-proof lids (sold separately) will tightly seal the Honeycomb bowls to avoid surprising leaks or spills in your lunch bag.
  • Available in Bulk Order- Getting these Honeycomb bowls in packs of 50 will help you enjoy every meal anytime and anywhere at a very competitive price. These white round bowls are ideal for holding every type of food or meal you can find, whether you are indoor or outdoor. Enjoy your soups, fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, breakfast, lunch, dinner at home, work gym, hiking, or camping. Having stock in your kitchen or a food establishment won’t bother you about running out of supply.
  • 100% Australia made product  and family owed business

At Packware, we strive harder to innovate the Honeycomb bowls for the better! We want to provide sophisticated round Honeycomb bowls that you can use with confidence, whether for dinnerware, take-out, or delivery orders. Our products are 100% oil, water, and odor resistant, so they can save you more on cleaning nasty stains. Being stackable makes them easy to organize if you want to reuse them several times or if not, you can throw these Honeycomb bowls if they already serve their purpose.

These Honeycomb bowls are available in bulk orders; message us anytime on how we

- Matching Lids are sold separately -

Product Code - 750BW
Carton Qty. - 400

Dimensions- 155mm x H 70mm

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