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Round Honeycomb Bowls - Noodle Container White 900ml GENFAC

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Round Honeycomb Bowls - Noodle Container White 900ml  

These Honeycomb bowls from Packware make cleanup easy for everyone in the household, kitchen staff, and your customers.

  • Heavy Duty and Durable Quality- Our Honeycomb bowls containers won't get soggy from hot soup or broth while in use. Using our durable Honeycomb bowls, you can store your favorite foods in the freezer or reheat any leftovers in the microwave. After warming it in your microwave, you can eat your food right away without worrying about any harmful plastic chemicals or intoxication.
  • Convenient for Everyday Use- These bulk items will arrive at your door and are the best solution for hosting a party, occasion, holiday, or special event. Regardless of whether you will toss or reuse them, these 900ml Honeycomb bowls are easily washable and great for several uses.
  • Available in Bulk Orders- Containing a sleeve qty of 50 pcs, these Honeycomb bowls provide ample sophisticated dinnerware for all guests. These will help you save from tons of dishwashing after the party or cleaning up the mess since they are disposable. Having them in bulk can keep you from worrying too much about running out whenever you need one.
  • 100% Australia made product  and family owed business

These Honeycomb bowls are best for portioning or meal control and help you monitor your food intake. It makes them one of the best solutions to achieve your nutrition or diet plan consistently on the right track. Our Honeycomb bowls are lightweight, making them easy to carry, and come with matching lids that you can purchase separately to ensure leak-free food that you can enjoy.

Now that the food business is a big trend, it's your turn to venture in as you have reliable bulk food storage containers Australia that can accommodate all your packaging needs! 

- Matching Lids are sold separately -

Product Code - 900BW
Carton Qty. - 400

Dimensions- 172mm x H 65mm


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