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Show Bowl Plastic Containers With Dome Lid Clear 20oz/591ml


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Product Code: SB20D

Carton Qty: 150

Use our plastic storage containers to take your homemade delicacies, desserts, and baked goodies anywhere. These plastic containers give clear visibility for the content inside for an extra wow factor to your guests and customers.

  • Bulk Pack Available- The carton includes 200 clear plastic containers with hinged lids. Whether you run a bakeshop or have a passion for it, these clear show bowls are ideal for storing your takeaway cakes, cupcakes, and other baked products for any events you host. Our food containers are also helpful in packaging dishes like salads, pasta, signature dishes, and more, as they can hold up to 20oz content.
  • Excellent Food Saver Containers- Comparable to other cheap containers, our show bowls are lightweight yet durable as you reuse them several times. The back hinge dome lid will not break easily or deform even if you pack it inside your lunch bag or even at transport. The dome lid protects delicate baking decorations like icing, fruit toppings, and more, ensuring a tight-fitting yet quick release when opening.
  • All-around Containers- You can make the most of these sturdy plastic food containers; aside from displaying your mouth-watering creations, you can utilize these to store leftover foods, cold cuts, etc. You can also use these disposable food containers for meal portioning to help you achieve your nutrition or diet plan, as you can monitor your daily intake. The transparent color makes it easy and accessible to see the content without guessing it.

These plastic take away containers can accommodate your fast-paced storing needs as you won’t need to look for a matching cover to secure a mess-free meal. As a result, it can help increase the overall productivity and performance of your staff for hassle-free and convenient storing of food.

Type: Show Bowls

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