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Show Bowl Plastic Containers With Dome Lid Clear 24oz/710ml


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Product Code: SB24D 

Carton Qty: 150

Turn a simple meal into an excellent presentation quickly by using our plastic storage containers by Packware.

  • Classy Tableware- If you run out of time planning your party, don't worry; our food storage containers won't let you down. This bowl's crystal clear construction expertly shows off the colorful side dishes, salads, sandwiches, bread, and your signature desserts. You can toss these disposable containers for a hassle-free clean-up once your party is over. These takeaway containers are the perfect solution to make an upscale and convenient dining experience at any venue. A must-have in every event can turn a simple event into a special one as these show bowls are crowd-pleasers.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Containers- We build these essential party supplies from premium quality and heavy-duty hand-inspected plastic materials to ensure integrity, strength, and style. Our disposable food containers will reliably hold a whole serving of any food contents without chipping. The dome lid shows off the design of your home-baked bread, cupcakes, etc. won't deform even while traveling. Our food saver containers are sturdy, won't easily snap while using, and are easy to use for total customer satisfaction.
  • Perfect Food Presentation- Your tableware reflects your hosting standards, and proper food presentation shows professionalism. Elevate every meal you prepare from ordinary to extraordinary using our plastic takeaway containers. The clear color highlights every meal inside without guessing what it is or opening the container from time to time.

We are your reliable bulk food storage containers in Australia that can turn your party into a memorable experience. The classic dome lid and ribbed finish will match any color theme for your party decor. Have this item in bulk to ensure everyone can enjoy the party while filling their tummy.

Type: Show Bowls

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