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Tamper Evident Food Containers Clear 280ml GENFAC

SKU: 280RT

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Tamper Evident Food Containers Clear 280ml GENFAC

Get the maximum value you deserve without sacrificing the quality through these bulk plastic storage containers by Packware.

  • Bulk Order Saves You More- These deli food storage containers come in a set of 768 pcs that can store up to 280ml of content. It also comes with a transparent tamper evident lid (sold separately), which our clients frequently buy together for secure and tight-fitting seal protection. These tamper-evident clear food containers help store condiments, dips, sauce, etc., for a spill-proof meal that you can enjoy anytime. 
  • Convenient To Use- These plastic containers are handy and easy to use. Since they come in clear color, you can store small portions of ingredients, snacks on the go, and more. You can also keep herbs and spices, and you can recognize the content instantly without opening each container whenever you need one. These takeaway containers are ideal if you will picnic, travel, and hike as a substitute for fragile glassware. 
  • Washable, Reusable, and Disposable- You can make the most of these clear tamper-evident containers as they are dishwasher-safe, recycle and even disposable containers. You can bring the party to your home because cleaning up is a breeze saving you more time to rest.

Keep your home-cooked meals, leftovers, and homemade desserts organized inside your fridge with these food saver containers. Do all the necessary meal preparation in advance so you can work, do other chores and enjoy eating without worrying about cramming when dinner time is almost ready! These plastic food containers are essential for the kitchen as they are a great aid in packaging foods for a professional look. We craft these plastic take away containers from BPA-free, eco-friendly, food-safe, and restaurant-grade clear materials so that you can confidently use them.


Product Code: - 280RT

Carton Qty: - 720

Dimension: Rim Diameter: 95mm
                   Height: 67mm

- Matching Lids are sold separately -


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