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Tamper Evident Plastic Containers Square 500ml GENFAC

SKU: 500ST

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$255.00 in. GST

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Tamper Evident Plastic Containers Square 500ml GENFAC

Add a sophisticated collection to your kitchen using our plastic storage containers.

  • Clear Containers- We design our plastic containers with clear color to make it easy for you to identify what's inside without opening each container or showcase your specialty dishes to stimulate the buyer's appetite.
  • Heavy-Duty Food Saver Containers- Our crack-resistant food storage containers are made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic materials to ensure uncompromising and thick products. You reuse these several times, unlike other tamper evident container providers that easily deform or melt after several uses. Get a bulk pack of 400 pcs per carton of food containers fabricated of top-notch plastic material, so you can rest your worry that your homemade salads and other cooked or baked goods won't lose their original flavors during freezing or reheating.
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe- These plastic containers with matching lids (sold as separate items) can be microwaved and won't melt after removing them from the microwave. The design is so stylish that you can directly serve it as a serving dish and when you're done, toss them into the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

Our takeaway containers are essential for home and commercial use as they can hold up to 500ml of contents. You can make a big batch of nutritious food or colorful desserts over the weekend, freeze the leftovers for a quick breakfast or unexpected travel trips, or send a meal to someone in urgent need. These smart tamper evident containers will save you time from repacking in a large pot and transferring to another messy and time-consuming container. 

Nobody wants surprising leaks; the matching lid covers of these take away containers will ensure tightly sealed protection for a spill-free delivery. Get your money's value by ordering these in bulk instead of plastic containers per piece. You can boost your food business presentation using our disposable containers to help you get consistently good feedback and reviews coming from your customers


Product Code - 500ST

Carton Qty. - 400

Dimensions- Brim Diameter: 128mm

-Matching Lids are sold separately -

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