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PET Plastic Food Containers With Flat Lid Clear 16oz StayFresh


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Product Code - 16SBSF

Carton Qty. - 200

Item Dimensions 140x125x60mm

Show off your mouthwatering baked goods and specialty dishes using these clear plastic storage containers by Packware. It helps elevate the delectable desserts and crisp salads to market themselves and skyrocket your sales effectively.

  • Available in Bulk Amount- You will get 200 pieces of clear square food storage containers that are enough to meet your daily storing needs or replacements. You can also share your heavenly creation with your family or friends by sending them one through our plastic containers.
  • Craft From Reliable And Premium Material- We make our clear food containers from premium plastic materials, making them sturdy and reliable not to easily break or deform while using them. You can use them confidently to store a wide range of foods even while on a bumpy ride. At Packware, you can be at peace knowing that your food business will always get a 5-star rating and positive reviews because of great packaging.
  • Accessible to Use- Our takeaway containers feature a flat lid that ensures air-tight sea protection from spilling off. These food saver containers are suitable for daily use at home, restaurants, cafes, pastry, and cake stores, which can hold food, desserts, fruits, and more. The square shape design and clear appearance of these plastic food containers can easily catch people's attention and make them want to buy.

You can keep the food fresh and clean as you can easily open or close the lid quickly to protect your food from annoying insects. Even if you order these in Bulk, they won't occupy too much space in your pantry by stacking them neatly. 

These are washable, reusable, and disposable containers to save you some time cleaning a messy kitchen or storage system. Pack foods confidently ahead of time as you have reliable Bulk food storage containers Australia that can supply your packaging needs.

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