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Round Plastic Takeaway Containers BLACK 220ml- 1000 PCS GENFAC

SKU: 220RB

$77.40 ex. GST
$86.00 in. GST

Round Plastic Takeaway Containers BLACK 220ml

Portioning dressings, dips, sauces, or condiments consistently and evenly is made easy through these round food storage containers by Packware. We focus on producing the highest quality of food containers to make an easy life for our consumers.

  • Great Selection of Takeaway Containers- Aside from round 220ml takeaway containers, we also provide a wide range of disposable containers. These range from different sizes, colors, and designs that will surely meet your unique packaging and storing needs.
  • Bulk Order Saves You More- The sleeve qty is 50 PCS, and cartoon qty is 1000 PCS; these plastic food containers come affordable at bulk purchase. You won't feel guilty whenever you dispose of them or won't feel bothered if you give them as takeaway boxes to visitors.
  • All-rounder Storage- Whether you store dressings, condiments, or to-go-munchkins, these 220ml round plastic food containers are perfect for any sorting and food keeping in your kitchen. You can also keep other items such as arts and crafts materials, screws, beads, paints, small toy accessories, etc. These plastic takeaway containers are multi-purpose storage for a tidy and clean home.
  • 100% Australia made product  and family owed business

Our BPA-free disposable food containers ensure strength, durability, and food-safe, ideal for everyday use. It is also commonly bought with separate air-tight lids to ensure that the food remains fresh and designed to match the sealed small space for an easy-to-close leak-proof cover. Having a clear or transparent color makes it easy to see what's inside even without opening each container or guessing what's inside. 

These containers are ideal for light packing, meal prep, portion control, catering, hospital use, sampler, storing leftover foods, restaurants, and travel. Being lightweight makes it a great alternative to any glass containers prone to breaking or portable. At Packware, we strive to provide high-quality plastic food containers at an affordable price.

Matching Lids are sold separately -

Product Code - 500R
Carton Qty. - 500

Dimensions- 117mm x H 35mm

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