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850ml Round Plastic Takeaway Containers Natural - 500 PCS GENFAC

SKU: 850R

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Round Plastic Takeaway Containers Natural  850ml

Product Code - 850R

Carton Qty. - 500

Dimensions- 117mm x H 112mm

These food storage containers have a transparent color that showcases the vibrant colors of drinks, fresh fruits, desserts, juice, etc. Our food containers will not just only boost the color of every food but also will stimulate your desire to eat as the packaging is neat and clean.

  • Recyclable or Disposable- Our round takeaway containers are lightweight yet heavy-duty enough, so you can recycle them for your subsequent use because they are easy to clean. Also, you can throw these disposable containers in the trash bin whenever you are not comfortable reusing them, thereby increasing your efficiency in your home.
  • Perfect for All Occasions- Our takeaway containers can hold food, ideally up to 850ml of milkshakes, juices, diced fruit, homemade ice cream, and more. They are also helpful in preserving sauce, desserts, or salad to preserve their freshness even for later consumption. 
  • Get Your Money’s Worth With Bulk Order- The carton comes with 500 round plastic food containers which are enough to accommodate any significant events, like family gatherings, holidays, and birthdays. These food saver containers are also perfect if you have a catering business or run a restaurant where meal portion control is necessary. The compact size makes it ideal for an easy stack and nest for a more tidy kitchen and pantry.
  • 100% Australia made product  and family owed business

Our plastic take away containers come with matching lids (sold separately) to provide a robust and leak-resistant seal and are easy to close and open, ideal for fast-paced kitchens and busy families who are always in a rush. It keeps content secure and intact during travel and transport to ensure the food will remain fresh and in place to give your customers money’s worth in their order.

At Packware, we are your one-stop shop that provides a vast selection of plastic packaging and storing needs.

Matching Lids are sold separately -


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