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Sauce Plastic Containers With Hinged Lid Natural 28ml GENFAC

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Sauce Plastic Containers With Hinged Lid Natural 28ml

Nothing beats the feeling of eating your favorite dishes, but sometimes, you feel something is incomplete because you don’t have the sauce or dip that can complement your meal. Don’t let this ruin your appetite, and fill your hungry tummy by packing the condiments and ketchup using these plastic storage containers by Packware.

  • Perfect For Storing Baby Food Size- Our food storage containers are ideal for growing babies and toddlers, ensuring that they have healthy food that they can munch. You can store bite-sized fruits, finger foods, purees, and homemade meals for home, school, or travel.
  • Built-in Leak and Proof Lids-These plastic sauce containers are best for busy parents who are always on-the-rush and have on-the-go lifestyles. Our food-safe food saver containers have attached hinged lids, so you never stress out in looking for matching lids or misplace them. These plastic food containers are also best for commercial kitchens to ensure a consistent sauce or dressing, ideally serving take-out and delivery foods.
  • Plan Meals Ahead- These plastic take away containers are freezer safe, so you can store your homemade and signature sauce and give them as a takeaway for your party. You can stack your sauce, salsa, and side dish for later consumption to ensure you won’t forget them as well as don’t bring bulky condiment bottles on a picnic. 

These nifty sauce plastic storage containers are dishwasher safe so that you can reuse them several times. But if you don’t feel like recycling them, you can toss these disposable containers to save you more time cleaning.

At Packware, we ensure our sauce takeaway containers are always of superior reliability to ensure you get your money’s worth. If you are searching for a supplier of sauce containers and other bulk food storage containers Australia, then look no further at Packware!

Code No 28R

⌀ 50mm x H 25mm

Colour Natural
Sleeve QTY 50 PCS
Carton QTY 1000 PCS

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