Sauce Plastic Containers With Hinged Lid Natural 100ml

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Take your favorite meals, snacks, and sauce on the go using our plastic storage containers.

  • Reusable, Disposable, and Washable Containers- We make our food storage containers of 100% quality and durable materials to ensure sturdy construction. These plastic containers are BPA-Free, and food-safe; after washing them, you can stack them to provide a spacious organizer. You can also reuse these sauce containers several times or dispose of them properly if you don’t feel like recycling them.
  • Ideal for Portioning Meals- Now, you can achieve your nutritional goals and diet meal plan. You can portion your healthy food and snack using these durable food containers and enjoy your meal anytime, anywhere, guilt-free. Having a capacity of 100 ml will help you stay on track with what you consume.
  • Must-Have in Every Kitchen- These durable sauce takeaway containers are an excellent aid for busy families preparing meals in advance, a commercial kitchen for packing takeout, and delivery foods. These are also useful in the catering business, where portioning meals and storing leftover food are necessary. Having tight and fitting lids makes it more efficient in ensuring that food or sauce will not drip even while in transport.

Our food saver containers are lightweight yet durable enough not to deform inside takeaway boxes and lunch bags to ensure the presentation looks good. Having a natural color makes it more enticing to your customer as it will highlight the vibrant color of your salad, chopped fruits, jello shots, and more. Having these sauce plastic take away containers in bulk will help you increase your productivity in the kitchen as you won’t need to look for a matching lid to seal your food.

Look no further if you are still searching the internet for bulk food storage containers Australia; at Packware, we are your one-stop-shop that can accommodate your bulk packaging needs at a competitive price.

Product Code- 100RH1
Carton Qty.- 1000

Type: Containers

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