Sauce Plastic Containers With Hinged Lid Natural 35ml

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Product Code - 35RS

Carton Qty.- 1000

Stop yourself from stressing out looking for some lid cover that won’t fit. Instead, use our sauce plastic storage containers with hinged-lid cover for convenient and hassle-free packaging.

  • Even Portioning- Restaurants, food-trucks and cafes; look no further. Our food storage containers are the perfect solution for even and consistent portioning of dressings, condiments, herbs, and other ingredients. These sauce plastic containers are perfect for commercial kitchens as you won’t need to use measuring cups to make sure you serve an equal amount of sauce for your take out and delivery orders.
  • Multi-Purpose Disposable Containers- Our containers can hold up to 35ml of content perfect for small portions of  dressings, salsa, mayo, ketchup, etc. Aside from these, our food containers can keep other items which are not food like paint, slime, small toy parts, clay, and more making it an essential to every home, school, kitchen, and hospital.
  • Perfect for Everyday Use- Packware ensures that you can get your money’s worth through these takeaway containers. The carton box comes with 1000 pcs to ensure you will never run out when you are packing for kids’ lunch, salad dressing, medicine, and baby’s much. You can pack all the condiments or sauce you want to bring in your picnic, or travel to ensure that everyone will enjoy their favorite meal without bringing the whole bottle.

Our food saver containers will help you save tons of food waste when it comes to storing even the least leftover snacks that you did not finish.  These sauce disposable food containers can help you with your food business; the hinged lid ensures that the liquid content will not leak whenever you are traveling for a mess-free meal. You can wash, recycle or even dispose of these plastic food containers to save you some time on cleaning the mess.

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