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Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 120ml GENFAC

SKU: 120RT

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Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 120ml 

Do not settle for anything less than perfection when choosing the best plastic storage containers to keep leftovers, meal preparation, food portions, and more. Packware has the ultimate food storage containers to accommodate your unique packaging needs.

  • Air-tight Fitting Lids- These plastic containers come with matching lids (sold as separate items) for leak-proof and spill-free meals. There are no more annoying spills inside the car, office, or the backpacks in the kitchen. Go ahead and turn these side by side and be amazed because of their leak-proof feature. Using our food containers helps prevent dirt and cuts the time spent cleaning up after using them.
  • Available in Bulk Order- Rest easy in finding bulk food storage containers Australia; Packware is the ultimate go-to place for a vast collection of durable containers. These takeaway containers are the perfect aid for home cooks and professional chefs to display their signature dishes that anyone will love. The carton comes with 1000 pcs, perfect to store leftovers, takeaway, delivery orders, food portions, or serve as a unique remembrance at your house party. Our takeaway containers are ideal for mouthwatering desserts, homemade sauces, advanced meal preparation, baby food storage, etc. You can enjoy endless options to make the most of these containers. 
  • High Craftsmanship Plastic Containers- After using these, you can place these in the dishwasher for fast, easy cleaning. You can use these disposable containers just like other plates or cutlery for many years of convenience and enjoyment. They will come out clean and inviting for your next sumptuous meal.
  • 100% Australia made product  and family owed business

Everyone loves our plastic food containers because you can place them into the microwave at home or work to enjoy homemade meals conveniently all the time. You can save tons of money from frequently ordering fast food or eating junk foods during your kid’s breaktime.

Product Code - 120RT
Carton Qty. - 1000

Dimensions- Brim Diameter: 69mm
                       Height: 53mm

-Matching Lids are sold separately -


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