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Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 520ml/95mm GENFAC

SKU: 520RT

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Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 520ml

These plastic storage containers will keep your food fresh, clean, and intact without an annoying mess. 

  • Spill Free Storage With Lids- Comes with matching tamper evident lids (sold as separate items). These food storage containers are spill-free and drip-resistant. These plastic containers are ideal for both solid and liquid food. You can enjoy your favorite meal on the go without worrying about annoying spills once opening the container.
  • Excellent Craftsmanship- We craft our food containers from the highest quality, toxic-free, and BPA-free plastic materials to guarantee functional food storage performances. They are resilient, heavy-duty, yet lightweight enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Perfect Container To Hold Your Favorite Snacks- These takeaway containers are perfect for cold cuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, noodles, colorful salads, broths, and soups. You can store food for later consumption and prepare a family lunch in advance at your convenience.

Portioning your meal is now more accessible through these handy food saver containers. You can now shop plenty, prepare them ahead of time, and store them using these plastic food containers. It can help you control your meal portions and achieve your ideal weight loss plan. Ordering these disposable containers in bulk can be perfect for a one-month fix of healthy eating, meal preparation, weight watchers, fitness enthusiasts, etc.

Each carton comes with 720 BPA-free plastic take away containers. They are generous in size yet stackable and not bulky to store and carry. 

Achieving a mess-free cleaning is real as you can toss these disposable food containers right after using them for cleaning a breeze. Our plastic storage containers are perfect for significant crowd events like catering business, hosting home parties, packaging leftovers, and serving takeout and delivery orders for the food business establishment industry for neat and spill-free packaging.

Product Code - 520RT
Carton Qty. - 720

Dimensions- Brim Diameter: 95mm

                      Height: 118mm  

Matching Lids are sold separately -




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