118mm Lids For Tamper Evident Plastic Containers GENFAC

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$166.32 in. GST

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Product Code: LRCT

Carton Qty: 1500

Dimensions: Brim Diameter: 118mm
                     Height: 9mm

Avoid food contamination and food exposure to dust, dirt, and pesky insects using our plastic storage containers matching 118mm lids. These are sold separately and considered bulk orders with a carton qty of 1500 pcs. 

  • Enjoy A Mess-Free Meal- Nothing is more annoying than you see a surprising mess upon opening your lunch bag. Our food storage containers and lids eliminate the need to clean dirty kitchen, fridge, and office space with our secure tamper-evident lid to ensure a tight food seal while keeping it fresh all day long.
  • Boost Food Presentation- Always get a 5-star rating and positive reviews using our plastic containers and lids. Forget about using shrink bands and foil wrappers in food containers that are prone to leaks, especially on transport.
  • Space Saver- Thanks to their stack and nest ability, you can now achieve a tidy storage system. After tossing them in the dishwasher, you can stack them once not in use or throw these disposable containers in the garbage if you are not comfortable reusing them.

At Packware, we provide a vast collection of food saver containers and matching lids that tailor fit your storing and packing needs.


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