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Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 300ml GENFAC

SKU: 300RT

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Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 300ml/118mm GENFAC 

The perfect plastic storage containers are made for a busy kitchen!

  • Enjoy Order In Bulk- Get a bulk pack of 480 pcs plastic containers crafted out of thick and durable plastic materials. Using our plastic storage containers, you can rest easy knowing that your baked goods and specialty dishes won’t lose their original flavors during freezing and warming.
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe- These plastic containers with matching lids (sold as separate items) are microwave safe. You can confidently serve or use them, knowing they won’t warp once removed from the microwave. You can toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning up.
  • Perfect For Home And Commercial Use- Using our nifty takeaway containers, a big batch of meal prepping on the weekend is hassle-free.  In a commercial kitchen, you can chop and store all the ingredients ahead of time to cook with ease. You can also enhance the presentation of your food business by storing them in our food saver containers.  You can stock and freeze any leftovers for quick meals, short camping trips, etc.

Our disposable containers are also a great help in traveling as they are portable enough to ensure mess-free meals even on bumpy roads. You can dispose of them if you are not comfortable reusing them several times. If you run out of gift ideas, you can use these plastic food containers to send a friend or loved one signature sauces, baked treats, and more. The thick construction of these take away containers is excellent for storing other items like herbs, spices, and other non-food items such as small toy accessories or characters, arts and crafts materials, screws, and more, making them an all-rounder container. These plastic take away containers are not so bulky yet stackable for a tidy and clean home!

Product Code - 300RT
Carton Qty. - 480

Dimensions- Brim Diameter: 118mm

Matching Lids are sold separately


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