Tamper Evident Food Containers Natural 565ml/118mm GENFAC

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Showcase the freshness of your ready-to-eat meals using our plastic storage containers by Packware. These food storage containers give a total view of the food content to prevent mixups. 

  • All-Rounder Plastic Containers- These multi-purpose containers are exceptionally functional for food service establishments or special events serving takeaway food, delivery orders, leftover foods, etc.
  • Freezable and Microwavable To Preserve Foods- These clear food containers are microwave and freezer safe to preserve and store meals conveniently using the same takeaway containers. It helps prepare lunches or dinners with condiments, display specialty sauces, etc.
  • Disposable Containers For All Occasions - These clear containers can accommodate large crowds or special events like catering businesses, special events, restaurants, etc. These food saver containers are sustainably disposable. Shorten the cleanup time after the party for you and your guests as you can toss them in the dishwasher or throw them right away 

Each order comes with 420 plastic food containers, so you won't have to worry about running out while serving guests or packing meals. Ordering in bulk also eliminates the need to restock to save more for shipping constantly. These safe plastic take away containers are perfect for busy families with on-the-go lifestyles to save money ordering food for lunch. 

These disposable food containers are stackable when not in use for a tidy and clean kitchen and storage system. We fabricate our food saver containers from food-safe and BPA-free materials that have been certified and tested in a lab to ensure the highest quality. These plastic storage containers are ideal for home, work, school, outdoor activities, food portions, and meal preparation. You can also store baby foods to ensure a nutritious and healthy meal even when you are away.

At Packware, you can rest easy on all your worries, knowing that you have durable bulk food storage containers Australia that can suit all your packaging and storing needs.

Product Code - 565RT
Carton Qty. - 420


Dimensions- Brim Diameter: 118mm 

                      Height: 87mm

-Matching Lids are sold separately -

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